Progetto web: Magazine online “BARNUM REVIEW the international photographic review”

DMG Comunicazione progetta e realizza il nuovo portale online della rivista internazionale foto-grafica: Barnum, il più grande spettacolo sul web!
Testata edita e diretta dal giornalista di lungo corso Massimo Pacifico.
Le “regole” del settore fotografico hanno dettato uno stile minimal che onora  il fulcro del sito web: la fotografia.


Edited by Massimo Pacifico – former director of the FOS Agency and of the publications Verve, Bogart and Italia la vita come arte – narrates, especially with images, of countries, people and personalities, travel, lifestyle, photography, history of journalism, art, and printed matters: with no geographical boundaries.

Florence, June 18, 2014 – It promises to be the biggest show on the web, just like Barnum, the famous American Circus, was “the greatest show on earth.” The Barnum Review, now online, is born from Massimo Pacifico’s experience of a lifetime as a journalist and photographer, that for forty years has travelled the world claiming to tell the tale.

“Barnum will be a stage for contemporary journalism in multimedia images, videos and music, according to the latest precepts of network communication,” says the editor Massimo Pacifico, who has worked for and been a correspondent for numerous international publications (Weekend, Gente Viaggi, Panorama SETTE Corriere della Sera, Wine Spectator, Brutus …) over the five continents, from Alaska to South Wales Australia, who promises to give something to be seen. Pacifico also warns not to take the content of Barnum too seriously: “We are, however, at the circus!” and concludes, “There are still vacant seats”

This new online review has an international character, has no fixed schedule, but will be updated continuously.

The first co-creators of the review are Lucio Maria D’Alessandro (head of the agency DMG Communicazione, former head of media relations in companies like Fininvest, Mondadori, Cariparma Crédit Agricole) and Jemima Levy (former assistant to the Dean of Oxford University).



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